Educational Materials

UCSF and SFGH are on the leading edge of online and computer-assisted educational technology, specifically with procedural instruction. To view these videos you may be required update your browser with the latest Flash and Quicktime extensions.



Assessment of the Trauma Patient

Authored by Dr. Elizabeth Brown and Dr. David Duong, this module will help you approach the undifferentiated trauma patient. This module, which was created using Articulate, requires a Flash-capable computer with audio capability.



Project VIPER (Video Instruction of Procedures in the Emergency Room)

1. Teaching module: Phlebotomy / Peripheral IV / Arterial Blood Gas

2. Wound closure

  • Resource for medical students and interns rotating at SFGH Emergency Department 
  • Voiceover by Dr. Justin Wilkinson, a former UCSF medical student 

      - Chapter 1: Equipment (1:54 min)

      - Chapter 2: Anesthesia (3:09 min)

      - Chapter 3: Irrigation (1:11 min) 

      - Chapter 4: Starting the Procedure (2:30 min) 

      - Chapter 5: Simple Interrupted (3:45 min) 

      - Chapter 6: Horizontal Mattress (3:11 min) 

      - Chapter 7: Vertical Mattress (1:10 min) 

      - Chapter 8: Corner Suture (1:30 min) 

      - Chapter 9: Buried Suture (1:51 min) 

      - Chapter 10: Dermabond (1:56 min) 

      - Chapter 11: Steristrips (0:39 min) 

      - Chapter 12: Staples (0:47 min)

3. The Eye Exam

  • Developed by Dr. David Duong and Dr. Najm Haqu

      - Part 1: Introduction to the EM Eye Exam (1:05 min)

      - Part 2: Visual Acuity Exam (2:53 min)

      - Part 3: Using a Slit Lamp (8:27 min)

      - Part 4: Using a Tonometer (3:28 min)

      - Part 5: Conclusion (0:41 min)

4. Radial Gutter Splint

  • An alternative to the volar wrist splint for 2nd and 3rd metatarsal fractures
  • Highlighted in ACEP News 2006 "Tricks of the Trade" column

5. Reverse Sugar Tong Splint

  • An alternative to the traditional sugar tong splint for distal radius fractures
  • Highlighted in ACEP News 2006 "Tricks of the Trade" column

6. Glove "Ring"

  • A glove finger can be made into a ring to provide hemostasis for bleeding finger wounds
  • Highlighted in ACEP News 2007 "Tricks of the Trade" column

7. Digi-Speculum

  • A vaginal speculum can serve as an alternative instrument to a tubular netting applicator for finger bandaging.
  • Highlighted in ACEP News 2007 "Tricks of the Trade" column

8. Feedback Skills (14:24 min)

For more information about or trouble viewing the VIPER modules, please contact Dr. Michelle Lin.


Other Multimedia Educational Resources

1. SF Department of Public Health Video on Pandemic Flu

   * A Google video on recognizing the symptoms of flu and limiting the spread of pandemic flu 

   * Run time: 20 minutes

2. The UCSF Mini-Medical School 2008 series lectures featured UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine speakers. These talks were uploaded to YouTube by the University of California TV.