Jeffrey Tabas, MD


Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

UCSF School of Medicine
1001 Potrero Avenue 1E21
San Francisco, CA 94110-1377
415-206-5759 Office
415-206-5818 Fax


BA: Brown University
MD: University of Pennsylvania
Training: Internal Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine at UCLA Olive View Emergency Medicine
Board Certifications: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine
Location: San Francisco General Hospital
Research and Academic Interests:

Dr. Tabas's current research interests include Cardiac Biomarkers, Electrocardiographic analysis, Procedural Competency/Procdural Education, Continuing Medical Education and Maintenance of Certification.

University and National Positions:

ACEP- Chair of Maintenance of Certification/Maintenance of Licensure (MOC/MOL) Subcommittee

ACEP- Member of Education Committee, Scientific Assembly Planning Subcommittee, Accreditation Oversight Subcommittee

2013 ACEP Outstanding Contribution in Education
2012 Bedside Teaching Award - UCSF DEM
2012 California ACEP Educator of the Year
2011 UCSF OB/GYN Resident Teaching Award
2010 San Francisco General Hospital Patient Safety Award
2006 Quarterly Teaching Award - Stanford Emergency Residency
2005 Excellence in Direct Teaching - UCSF Academy of Medical Educators
2005 National Teaching Award - American College of Emergency Physicians
2004 Best Lecture Series Teaching Award - UCSF Medicine School Class of 2008
2004 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
2003 Class of 2003 Clinical Teaching Award - UCSF Medical School
2003 Induction into UCSF Academy of Medical Educators
2002 Runner up Speaker of the Year - American College of Emergency Physicians
2002 Residen Teaching Award - Stanford Emergency Medicine
2001 Emergency Medicine Residents' Association Certificate of Appreciation
2000 Distinguished Service Award - University of Pennsylvania Department of Orthopedics
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