Teri Reynolds, MD


Dr. Teri Reynolds maintains her faculty position at UCSF while serving the World Health Organization (WHO) Department for Management of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention in Geneva. Since May 2015 she has lead the emergency and trauma care program at the WHO. The program focus is the strengthening of integrated emergency care systems to address acute illness and injury. Dr. Reynolds also coordinates the Global Alliance for Care of the Injured on behalf of the WHO.

Dr. Reynolds completed her MD, MS in Global Health Sciences, and fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound at UCSF; emergency medicine specialization at Highland Hospital in Oakland; and PhD in literature at Columbia University in New York. She was Director of Global Health for UCSF's Department of Emergency Medicine, and directed the Emergency Medicine Residency and research programmes at Muhimbili National Hospital in the United Republic of Tanzania. As chair of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) Scientific Committee, she developed the AFEM Emergency Care Curriculum and the AFEM regional Trauma Data Project. She is dedicated to emergency and trauma care systems development, academic mentorship, and evidence driven care of the injured.


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