Dr. Christopher Peabody receives Outstanding Coach Award

Dr. Christopher (Toff) Peabody, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, received the 2017-18 Bridges Curriculum - Foundations 1 and 2 Teaching Award for Outstanding Coach. This award reflects high esteem and deep appreciation felt by medical students for his exemplary efforts as an educator. The award was presented on behalf of the UCSF Medical Student Classes of 2020 and 2021 at the UCSF School of Medicine Teaching Awards Ceremony on October 30, 2018.

Here are a few comments from his nominations:

  • "Dr. Peabody is hands down the best mentor I could imagine. Not only does he ensure that we learn and feel comfortable with the assigned material, he goes above and beyond in helping us maintain our happiness outside medical school and also plan our careers..."
  • "Toff is one of the reasons for my success in medical school..."
  • "He has designed our own special CMC routine which includes our 'Happiness Project' that incorporates mindfulness into our lives. Then followed by 'Dream Team' in which we take turns sharing our goals, and our team makes sure we stay accountable for those goals..."
  • "Toff always reminds us of the bigger picture and how medicine is about connecting with our patients and serving people who need it most."