Lauren Chalwell, MD


Policed Patients: How the Presence of Law Enforcement in the Emergency Department Impacts Medical Care.

Annals of emergency medicine

Harada MY, Lara-Millán A, Chalwell LE

The DISTANCE Study: Determining the Impact of Social Distancing on Trauma Epidemiology During the COVID-19 Epidemic-An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis.

The journal of trauma and acute care surgery

Matthay ZA, Kornblith AE, Matthay EC, Sedaghati M, Peterson S, Boeck M, Bongiovanni T, Campbell A, Chalwell L, Colwell C, Farrell MS, Kim WC, Knudson MM, Mackersie R, Li L, Nunez-Garcia B, Langness S, Plevin RE, Sammann A, Tesoriero R, Stein DM, Kornblith LZ