Christopher Peabody, MD, MPH


Dr. Peabody is the Director of the UCSF Acute Care Innovation Center, an initiative of the Department of Emergency Medicine. The center focuses on design and engineering principles to improve the Acute Care system in San Francisco. Currently, the center is focused on solutions around Emergency Department teamwork and care coordination.

Dr. Peabody is also the Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at the San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Department. Here he uses his formal training in quality improvement and patient safety to help the Emergency Department team fulfill their mission to provide high-quality acute, unscheduled care in San Francisco’s Level-1 Trauma Center.

Dr. Peabody also serves as a UCSF School of Medicine Bridges Coach, as a Board Advisor for the UCSF Health Hub, and as a founder of the “Dream Team” program – an innovative peer-to-peer mentoring platform. He is a practicing emergency physician at San Francisco General Hospital and is active in both medical student and resident education.


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