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Use of Ondansetron for Vomiting After Head Trauma: Does It Mask Clinically Significant Traumatic Brain Injury?

Pediatric emergency care

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Search at Your Own Risk: Online Health Queries and Your Patient.

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A Toddler with Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum.

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Comparison Between Direct and Video-assisted Laryngoscopy for Intubations in a Pediatric Emergency Department.

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Clinical Managers - Ignored yet Critical to Innovation Success.


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Using Video-recorded Laryngoscopy to Evaluate Laryngoscopic Blade Approach and Adverse Events in Children.

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Endotracheal Intubation In Pediatric Patients Using Video Laryngoscopy: An Evidence-Based Review.

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Cardiac troponin T as a screening test for myocarditis in children.

Pediatric emergency care

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Brief Report: Question-Asking and Collateral Language Acquisition in Children with Autism.

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Priming as a Method of Coordinating Educational Services for Students With Autism.

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