Nida Degesys, MD


Medical Director, Age Friendly Emergency Department, Level 1 Geriatric ED, UCSF Parnassus
Assistant Medical Director, UCSF Parnassus Adult Emergency Department
Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellowship Director, UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine


Incidence of Fit Test Failure During N95 Respirator Reuse and Extended Use.

JAMA network open

Wang RC, Degesys NF, Fahimi J, Jin C, Rosenthal E, Lazar AA, Yaffee AQ, Peterson S, Rothmann RE, Jones CMC, Tolia V, Shah MN, Raven MC, Reuse N95 Group

SONO case series: point-of-care ultrasound for fracture diagnosis.

Emergency medicine journal : EMJ

Neill E, Degesys NF, Graglia S

Correlation Between N95 Extended Use and Reuse and Fit Failure in an Emergency Department.


Degesys NF, Wang RC, Kwan E, Fahimi J, Noble JA, Raven MC

Emergency department preparation for COVID-19: accelerated care units.

Emergency medicine journal : EMJ

Noble J, Degesys NF, Kwan E, Grom E, Brown C, Fahimi J, Raven M